15 Seater Minibus

Ford Transit *ULEZ*

from £145.00 per day

15 Seater Minibus

e.g. Ford Transit *ULEZ*

from £145.00 per day






410 LWB SHR 15 STR



Fuel Type:


D1 category required on your driving licence to drive this vehicle.

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1 Days: £145.00

2 Days: £259.00

7 Days (One week): £604.00

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Remember Your Driving Licence

Remeber to get your DVLA Licence check code

You Must Have Your Own Credit Or Debit Card For A Payment & Deposit 

You Must Have Been Driving For At Least 2 Years.

Bring A Second Proof Of Address Dated In The Last 3 Months In Addition To The Licence e.g. A Utility Bill

Drivers Must Be Aged 21-75. (Certain vehicles 25-75)

You Must Have No Major Convictions On The Driving Licence (If You Have More Than 6 Points Or Points For Any Non Minor Offenses, Please Call Your Local Branch To Check That We Can Cover You On Our Insurance - Points May Need To Be Referred To The Insurance & may Increase The Insurance Excess Or In Some Circumstances Prevent The Hire)

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